Eeva-Jonna Panula

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  • Software Developer, Accessibility Specialist
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  • Finland
Hey there! I'm an accessibility specialist and a front-end developer from Finland 👋  I love sharing w...  
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Senior Software Developer, Accessibility Specialist

  • Oura
  • Oct 2021 - Present

Software Developer, Accessibility Specialist

  • Futurice
  • Apr 2020 - Oct 2021

Software Developer

  • Codento
  • Mar 2019 - Mar 2020


  • AppGyver
  • Sep 2018 - Jan 2019

Software Developer

  • Kide Science
  • May 2018 - Aug 2018

Software Developer

  • W3 Group Finland
  • May 2017 - Apr 2018
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Nov 28, 2021
Nov 28, 2021
Added new feature
Inspired from the talk "Auditorial: an innovative approach to inclusive story telling" by Robin Spinks and Sonali Rai in Inclusive Design 24 this year, I decided to add audio versions of my blog posts. I keep adding them shortly after publishing a new post, but you can already find couple of the newest posts with audio versions read by me. 

The following posts have audio:
- First Month as an Accessibility Specialist at Oura
- Thoughts From Reading Demystifying Disability by Emily Ladau

The audio can be listened from the blog post page. All the posts can be found from
Nov 22, 2021
Nov 22, 2021
Wrote a Blog Post
I've been working as an accessibility specialist at Oura Health for a little bit over a month now. It's been exciting, and I wrote a blog post about initial thoughts and feelings. Read it from
Nov 06, 2021
Nov 06, 2021
Wrote a Blog Post
I read Demystifying Disability by Emily Ladau, and it is a great book, highly recommend! I wrote a blog post about some thoughts from reading the book.
Oct 18, 2021
Oct 18, 2021
Wrote a Blog Post
In the spirit of ongoing Hacktoberfest, I wanted to share some tips I've found useful when creating and reviewing pull requests. I'm always happy when I find these things in a PR I'm reviewing 😊
Oct 11, 2021
Oct 11, 2021
Started a new role at Oura
Excited to join Oura as Senior Software Developer, Accessibility Specialist! 🎉
Senior Software Developer, Accessibility Specialist, Oura
Oct 10, 2021
Oct 10, 2021
Left a role at Futurice
Ended my journey as Software Developer, Accessibility Specialist at Futurice!
Software Developer, Accessibility Specialist, Futurice
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